About Florida Sevashram Sangha


  “A Mandir is a center for learning about man, nature and God.”
  -- BAPS Swaminaryan Sanstha (2003)

  The Mandir presents itself as the stable foundation of the Hindu community; it is an
  institution that fuels one’s faith in God and reinforces cultural and
  societal ethics and values.  A sanctuary where the mind becomes still
  and the soul floats freely, the Mandir is a home where all people are able to
  enjoy spiritual, cultural and religious guidance utilizing the tenets of
  Hindu dharma.

  The Florida Sevashram Sangha focuses its efforts on making an admirable contribution
  toward cultural harmony (growth and development) and religious understanding
  through its promotion of pluralistic ideals. 

The Florida Sevashram Sangha was founded in September
of 1997 by Pundit Baldath Maharaj in an effort to unite Hindus of Indian
descent coming out of the Caribbean basin now living in the United States of
America.  In order to satiate the religious and cultural needs of the mass
number of West Indian Hindus living in Palm Beach County and throughout the
state of Florida, Maharaj along with members of the current executive board
established the Mandir’s first facility in the city of Lake Worth.  The
institution operated in the spirit of its ancestry for three years before
finally moving west to accommodate the growing number of Hindus moving to the
United States from islands like Trinidad & Tobago and Guyana.  

Today the Florida Sevashram Sangha hosts a myriad
of cultural, religious and social events at its facility located near Lantana
Road and Florida’s Turnpike intersection.  It continues to attract Hindus
from communities within the state of Florida as well as those living throughout
the continental United States and the world.  Through its Youth Group and
Sunday morning Baalvikas classes the Florida Sevashram Sangha ensures the
longevity of Hindu dharma; moreover, the Mandir has established itself as a
pluralistic forum through which renowned individuals of a religious, political
and otherwise influential nature share in the congregation’s aspirations for
cultural understanding and growth. 


Since its inception the Florida Sevashram Sangha, under the spiritual leadership of Pundit Baldath
Maharaj, has established itself as the center of the Hindu community in Palm
Beach County.  The organization continues to thrive due to unyielding
community support and contributions; as such the Hindu conscious people in this
part of the world are always able to enjoy dharmic resolve beyond reproach.